Debug report "Audacity"


I use Window 7 and Audacity version 2.1.3

In this day and age you can’t be too careful and I lack the ability to parse the legitimacy of the window that popped up when I was running Audacity (see attachment).

I clicked ‘Cancel’ as a precaution and closed the program, then restarted the program and the project and I’m happy to say everything works properly, no malfunction that I can see.

I want to provide information on how the program is working but I also don’t want to get phished. If this warning appeared now it (or another like it) may appear again so any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you
Audacity Debug.PNG

If this was a one-off, then I’d not worry too much about it. If it is a recurring problem, then please try to take note of what you were doing leading up to the message.
Audacity 2.1.3 is fairly old, but most users find it pretty stable. There is also due to be a new release (2.2.2) early in the new year, so I would suggest that you keep an eye on the Audacity website (and/or follow Audacity on facebook / twitter / Google+) and upgrade to 2.2.2 when it is released.

Links to Audacity’s social media can be found at the top of the forum page, and the Audacity website is here: