Debug and crash on "save project as"

Audacity 2.1.2, OS 10.12.1, MacBook Pro 2011

This could possibly be a continuation of the woes I posted here (which haven’t recurred) but the symptoms differ so I’m creating a new topic. Twice Audacity crashed on trying to “save project as” (i.e. I want to create a new iteration). It starts creating a new “_data” folder but doesn’t get to saving the actual .aup file. I’m attaching two debug archives and a log generated during the recovery from the most recent crash. I’ll add more info if it keeps happening.
log_12_4.txt (35.1 KB) (5.03 KB) (5.21 KB)

In your other post you said:

That message does not come from Audacity. Are you trying to run Audacity in Xcode? Have you installed Xcode, or Kontakt or some other pro audio application and is that application in use and part of your audio chain?

Have you already saved a project without issue and the problem is only with Save Project As? If so, it looks like there is some kind of problem with access to the original project, perhaps interference by Gatekeeper or whatever application controls “Sampling Tools”. To what path are you trying to Save As?

Although there is a call stack in the XML file it would be better to have the Apple Crash Report if there is one. It should be in the


Xcode was installed in 2011 for something or other but I don’t think it’s even compatible with the current OS. How can I tell if it’s running? If there’s a simple way to get rid of it, please let me know. I’m not knowingly running Audacity or any audio process with Xcode.

Yes. And it’s only happened twice so far (the second time, no mention of SamplingTools, with which I am entirely unfamiliar, it’s not a program I’ve installed. I thought, evidently in error, maybe it’s part of Audacity since I’d just “sampled” some noise for reduction before the crash). If I just “save” things seem fine. I haven’t pushed the issue (strategy: get each chapter done and rendered and output in one go, move on), so I can’t say if it’s predictable/provokable.

There was no crash report from Apple. Under “system reports” there are quite a few “audacity(…)wakeups_resource.diag” and a couple of “audacity(…)cpu_resource.diag” that seem to indicate the system’s displeasure with the resources demanded by audacity (?), e.g. “45004 wakeups over the last 124 seconds” and “90s cpu time over 162 seconds (55% cpu average), exceeding limit of 50% cpu over 180 seconds”.

The path is just in a subdirectory of my Music directory, e.g. /users/(me)/Music/(project)/(subdirectory)

P.S. the only references to “Sampling” that I can find on my system (using EasyFind) are related to Quartz Composer (2011 developer tools) and Quartz Frameworks and Private Frameworks, whatever those are. There is no such animal as “SamplingTools” per se that I can find. My uneducated guess is that some routine involved in the debugging process required permission to write the data into /var (etc…) and that’s the meaning of that message, which only appeared the first time.
Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 20.12.03.jpg

You can see it in Activity Monitor if it’s running.

To expunge it, quit it, then see

Could you Save Project As… in OS X 10.9.5?


The Xcode app itself has been deleted a long time ago, and no evidence of it running can be found in Activity Monitor. I will use the instructions (thank you) to expunge the rest of the developer directories from the system, but I don’t believe Xcode was the culprit. What “SamplingTools” was remains a mystery.

Before I upgraded to Sierra the projects were getting corrupted before I even attempted “save as”, so I can’t answer that question. In prior versions of Audacity I had no such problems if I recall correctly, but I really hadn’t used it for a couple of years (which is why when I needed to use it again the installed version was too old for the OS and I upgraded). I realise the only way to be sure that there are no issues pertaining to my particular system is to do a clean install of the OS and the software, but I really can’t do that right now. The best I can do is keep reporting if it keeps happening, and doing some more structured tests once the project is done, after Christmas, maybe try 2.1.3.

Cheers, G.

I have no idea what gets sampled by “sampling tools”, but it has nothing to do with audio. AFAICT, it’s a developer tool, so Gale is right in getting you to erase Xcode.

And as it is a developer tool, it could be living in unexpected locations, like inside the Xcode app, or in some dark and mysterious directory in the system folder, where find tools will not locate it.

The last and only time I saw it in an error, was related to Chrome. And I never got to the bottom of that problem, but a clean reinstall of OSX solved it. IIRC, that was a system that had been upgraded from Lion to El Capitan, all the way, without any clean reinstall in between…

That sounds like my MacBook all right. I’ve run the script to remove developer tools. But unless I start getting weird crashes all over the place (not just with Audacity), I won’t be doing a clean install just yet. Audacity has been stable for the rest of the assignment, almost done yay, but I can’t tell whether that’s just due to my adapted workflow (i.e. avoid making the monster angry and me cry…). :smiling_imp: :arrow_right: :cry: