dealing with the volume

i recorded a bunch of tracks from lps but i want to fix the volume as there seems to be alot of distortion how do i do this?


How? USB turntable? which one? describe your set-up and step-by-step what you are doing.

hi steve

with the earlier audacity i have my turntable connected to my amp.out from the amp to the line in on my sound card.i open up audacity and put the needle on the lead in groove hit record and away we go…when the song is finished i save it to my comp


ps yep im using a usb turntable

The usual way to record a USB turntable is directly through the USB port and not to have the amp connected to the PC at all. The only reason for connecting the amp to the PC is if the USB does not work correctly.
Information about setting up USB turntables for recording in Audacity here: