Dealing with distortion in a sound file

I do a podcast with some friends and of the ended up with these weird distortions in the audio track afterwards. You can hear a sample below. I’m not sure about the specifics of their set up off the top of my head, but they haven’t encountered a problem like this before. Any suggestions about how I might be able to remove or at least lessen whatever is going on here?

Is one of them using wireless or bluetooth headphones or headset? That’s the poster child sound for someone with radio interference—or bad radio connection.

I’m going to add that to my forbidden list.

Never do production in MP3.
Never use wireless microphones in production.

I don’t know of any good post-production crackle removal. That sound is now a performer in your show.


Even just knowing that there isn’t a good way to fix it and to look for other options is good to know. Thanks!