De-esssssssing & B's and P's - best equaliser for this?

I read a very helpful post here explaining how to use “Analyse/Plot spectrum” in
Audacity to determine what the culprit frequencies are.

I only had an andrea usb dictation mic with me one trip and much of what I
sang at the time suffers from s’s, b’s and p’s because that mic isn’t suited for singing.

Is the Audacity EQ effect detailed enough for this job? I notice that most of my ssss’s are around 7,2000 when the eq only has 6,300 and 8000khz sliders.

Is it best to just reduce eq on the word itself or the entire verse, because they do crop up throughout.

Effect > Equalizer: [X] Draw Curves
That will give you the grown-up version of the equalizer where you can draw whatever curve you want. As you drag the window bigger, the details in the display get better.

Although what you probably want is a “de-esser.”



Kill two birds with one plugin: a multi-band compressor, [ like G-Multi ], can de-ess with the high band , and reduce deep P&B thumps using the low band.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll have a play around with them and see how I get on.

Well so far as there’s only four verses I’m preferring the EQ method on specific words, I’ve saved a few configurations as presets and hit repeat for a preset that works for selected similar sounds.

Wish I’d discovered Ctl+R a lot earlier on. :smiley:

I found this video guide useful as a starter for plosives.

Thanks again for the help, I’ll still consider de-essers and gmulti but so far I’m either not taking out enough or am taking out too much with them.