De-Clicking Audio

Hi everybody :
I found, on a post in the Internet, someone made a post about this problem. He stated that, the clicking (using Line In) COULD be coming from software running in the background. Making a reference to the anti-virus software running in the background. So…I turned off (temporarily) my Norton, did a test recording using Line In…recording from my old cassettes. And, the clicking DID cease ! I tried a couple of songs…and…the clicking DID stop. But, not forgetting to turn Norton back on ! So far, it seems like the CLICKING problem is solved.

Audacity can tell you when you get a [u]Dropout[/u].

Usually it is caused by something else “hogging” the system. It doesn’t have to hog lots of total CPU time. It just has to hog it for a few milliseconds too long, you get buffer overflow, and a glitch.

You can also try increasing the [u]Latency/Buffer Size[/u]. The ONLY downside to a larger buffer is more latency (delay) and that’s ONLY a problem if you are monitoring yourself through the computer and it’s difficult to perform.