DDJ FLX-4 audacity setup

So I want to start recording my sets using audacity. I simply don’t know how to output my DJ Serato Pro to the application (audacity). My controller is plugged into a Total PA glow 2 speaker, aswell as in a laptop. Can anyone help out with the host, playback and recording settings?

Thank you!

Are you sure Serato doesn’t have built-in recoding capability? It seems like an obvious feature to me… Do they have support or their own forum?

I don’t know how Serato works but if the “main sound” is coming out of the computer, Audacity can record it with WASAPI loopback. (That’s assuming your hardware uses regular Windows drivers Some pro equipment uses ASIO drivers and in that case it won’t work.)

If some of the sound isn’t going through the computer (microphone, CD players, turntables?) you’ll need an audio interface with line inputs and splitters to tap-into the analog going to the PA system.

…Note that audio applications are demanding and there is a possibility of glitches if you run both at the same time.