dB Waves

I haven’t seen this posted in a dog’s age.

Kill the blue wave Percent Scale.
This one’s practically a “gimme.” Simple graphic change with straightforward, apparent benefits. I’m sure there are dependencies here and there, but compared to the current crop of Audacity problems, this should be a stroll in the park. Something that could be tackled, say, before lunch.

I do not like working in Waveform (dB) because most important sound management (except noise) happens in the top 24dB. Perfect for linear waves.


Can zoom-in the loudest 24dB …

Can zoom-in the loudest 24dB …

That’s only the top of the waveform.

In case you missed the conversion, Audiobook readers need to set their recording peaks between 50% and 34%.

“Let’s see, put down 1/3, times twenty log 10…”

Old Cool Edit graphic screen capture.


The fake graphic only has the positive-going waves because I wasn’t up to Photoshopping all the values between the two zero points. That and I think -24 is actually in the wrong place. It’s a free-hand illustration.

I did discover one dependency. Generate > Tone is in Percent. Others may be, too.

“Make a -20dB tone.”
“Sure. Let’s see. Divide by Log 10… No, wait. Divide by 20 …”