-Db on subliminals

I recorded my affs in my own voice. I resampled at 192k-nyquist prompt- then resampled again at 44100. I didn’t mess with the normalization. Just kept it basically at default. Is that okay? I can hear a slight static but it’s barely even noticeable and it’s not a constant static.
When it plays back to me in the subliminal it floats from -6db to -28db through out all my 6 recordings

They should be fine.

You can run the normalize or amplify effects to “maximize” the peaks and if your highest peak is now -6dB, they will be louder and the static should be louder. Of course loudness also depends your volume control, how much power your amplifier has, how close you are to the speakers, etc.

The are different ways to make subliminals and the main thing you should probably avoid is MP3 (or other lossy compression) because lossy compression works by throwing-away sounds you can’t hear.

But subliminals don’t work anyway, or they only work because you “believe in them” so believing is the most important thing and nothing is “critical”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you and I view silent subliminals as affirmations said hella quiet. I believe they work and I’ve been consciously affirming and changing my mindset with old ways of thinking for the last 6 months. I like subliminals because it gives me time away from affirming or journaling all the time. I can just put it on and focus on some other stuff at the moment. You don’t have to believe the subliminal at all just like you don’t have to believe the affirmations said outloud. I just keep persisting with the story I tell myself, focus on my goals and practice non emotional reacting. It’s made a massive difference in my life.

I made them in WAV format of course. I heard about the difference from mp3 and WAV. Thank you for replying! I really appreciate it!

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