Day 2 with Audacity - Now a complete lack of audio input

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I should abandon this completely and rescue my aged Windows XP tower out of the loft!
This morning I returned to Audacity on my Dell laptop and immediately discovered that I was only getting mono audio input, the left channel. Playing around with the System Settings on Dell, I decided to do an update on the drivers; not done since I bought it over a year ago and very out of date. Now there’s no audio input at all! I think it’s time to give Dell a call.

The left-channel-only problem is not Audacity’s fault, it’s a Windows thing …

If you can do a system-restore to a time before you changed the audio driver, that could resolve the problem.

Now when I select ‘Audio Setup’, the options for ‘Recording Device’ and ‘Recording Channels’ are disabled! If I try to start a recording, I get an error message.
I have checked the Windows settings and can see nothing out of ordinary.

For Audacity to “see” a recording device it must be enabled in Windows sound panel,
and you may have to give Windows permission to access the device …
FAQ:Recording - Troubleshooting - Audacity Manual
[A privacy-setting which was not on XP].

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