Data folders exist but can't be found

Hi. I’ve been using Audacity for about 15 years now and have never had a problem using it… until now. I have created and saved a set of recordings on the “E” drive of my laptop, the one I use for file storage. The AUP files show up in the folder I created but not the “_data” folders. The folders exist because I can close audacity, then double click on an AUP file to open it again. I’ve checked the Audacity folder created on my C drive when I installed version 3.0.0 and just about every other place I can imagine windows might store data… they are not to be found. I have configured explorer to show hidden files and folders as well. I’d like to transfer the recordings to my desktop for editing but can’t without the data folders. Any suggestions?

Right about version 3, Audacity stopped using _data folders. No more split .aup project manager files and _data folders.

Please note you don’t have an .aup file now either. It’s an .aup3 file with everything in it (and it’s much larger).


Audacity 3 will cheerfully open all your old works, but won’t create any more split-file projects.

Older Audacity versions will not open an AUP3 file.

Audacity 3.0.3 is current.


Thank you so much… that clears that up. It raises another issue though… why I’m having trouble transferring my Aup3 files to my desktop. I would assume I only need the AUP3 file now, but Audacity won’t load them when copied into a folder on my desktop. I used a non-Fat portable drive to make the transfer. Any ideas?