Data files

I posted a while back with my problem about orphan data files in this thread, and I still haven’t solved it. I’ve (re)downloaded Audacity three times from the suggested, official site (on my computer the publisher name is Audacity Team; and I misspoke in the original topic, calling things in the Tracks menu effects), so I don’t think it’s a bad copy. The attached image shows what I’m left with every time I close Audacity regardless of the size of the project I’ve been working on: just a bunch of data files. When I first started using the program around a month ago, the error message didn’t appear, but now that it has, the older of the main files seem to be gone too. So, even without the option to delete the files, things seem to be deleting themselves.
What am I missing here?

daniellemix1_data is a folder with the music, clips and other work associated with the project. You should also have a file called daniellemix1.aup. That file has to live in the same location or folder as the _data folder. Double click on the aup file and the project should open. As a practical matter, projects will not open without the aup file.

You can’t put the aup file inside the _data folder.

Some Windows virus protection programs have been known to destroy Audacity files.

Take the machine off-line, turn off or disable the virus protection and then try to save a new Project. Do you get both pieces and does the show open up again?