Data File

After recording this morning, when the computer operator went to save the files he completed a save project which created a data folder with files, but when he went to save the file as a wav file, the computer locked up and he had to shut it down. Is there a way to recover the project so I can edit it just from the files in the data folder?
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There’s a step in the middle where it saves an AUP file which is the Project Manager. Is there one?

If you have a Mono Project with no editing at all in it, there is a possibility of recovery. Scroll down to Manual Recovery.

If this is the Edit Master for a show, you’re stuck. The AUP manager file keeps track of the edits. Without that, you have a _DATA folder of mixed, disassociated trash.

The top part of that link describes auto recovery. If you never turned the machine off, that’s one possibility.

I believe the party line is to Export a WAV of valuable work before you save the Project.


I found the AUP file and was able to save the project and WAV. Thank you for your assistance.
I’m new at using Audacity so still learning.