Data file not found, help!

I’ve been working for 5 days on a project and now it says “can’t find project data folder”, and that it cannot load the aup file. I’ve uninstalled and redownloaded the program already, and both the data folder and the project file are in the same filing location. Please help. I’ve been working on this for five days, and I’m losing all remnants of patience.

Which Audacity version are you using?

both the data folder and the project file are in the same filing location.

…on your computer, or in the cloud?

Open the AUP file in a text editor (don’t save anything). It should look something like this, with English-y words and it should have the show name as in the red box.

Is all that OK?


I downloaded it today. So whichever version is the current one. Also another similar post I found, said to change the name of both the file and data folder so I did that and I got a message saying there was a missing project file and “inserting silence instead.”

Both are in the computer, and it looks like the version it was saved under was 2.4.2

I have the text editor open, so what do?

I am using version 3.0.0, the file is saved as 2.4.2 in the text editor, and they are both saved in the computer.

Dig through the text and the projname = “-” should match the name of your AUP file and the _DATA folder. Do they all match?

There was a major shift between 3.0.0 and 2.4.2.

2.4.2 created “Projects” that look like this.

3.0.0 doesn’t do that. 3.0.0 creates Projects with one single AUP3 file. 3.0.0 will open up older shows, but 2.4.2 will not open a newer show.

If you got your Audacity from the normal download site, you should have gotten 3.0.0.

The question is, where did you get 2.4.2 from?