"_ data" file extension

I haven’t used Audacity in a dog’s age, but I used to love it for creating ringtones. That’s all I ever did with it, besides fooling around with the effects menu. Now the problem is most of my music files show the .mp3 extension, which is fine and Audacity works well on those files, but some of my files have this _data extension, and some really snarky “b003h5” for example files under the main title. I know this all sounds very kindergartenish, and I’m not computer literate. So, how do I change those _data extensions on my songs to .mp3? Sorry to be so stupid.

The previous Audacity project structure consisted of a “.aup” file and a corresponding “_data” folder, (both have the same name).

If you have Audacity (2 or3) installed, and double click on a “.aup” file,
an Audacity project should open. Then you can make an mp3.

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