DAT to PC windows 8 laptop

do I need a converter or special cable to go directly from my Tascam DA-30 MK II into my Lenovo laptop with windows 8 to bring in DAT audio to record?
Only have mini stereo mich in and hdmi. Any suggetions?

The player has both AES/EBU Audio Engineering Society/European Broadcast Union and S/PDIF Sony Philips Digital Interface Format digital connections. The problem is the other end. If the computer doesn’t support either of those, then you’re in the market for an interface device.

The unit also has Broadcast balanced analog stereo outputs (the XLRs) and nobody has easy interface for that. It also has unbalanced RCAs and your computer won’t accept that, either, but you can buy a nice cleap Behringer UCA202 and use that.


Mic-In on your computer is likely mono, not stereo.

The UCA202 has a S/PDIF connection, but it’s an output.

You can use your Mac if you want, but you still need an adapter because the Mac has optical, not copper S/PDIF.

I bet you’re wondering who uses DAT. These things will plug directly into any television station. That’s where AES/EBU lives.

People usually get stuck adapting the headphone output of a DAT machine. Your machine actually has RCAs. You win.


thanks for the extensive info!
what converter would I use and how does it get into the pc laptop>>>usb/hdmi?