Hi all
I´m new to this forum and also new at using AUDACITY. So far I haven´t delf deep into the program. But I have a case to which some of you may have a solution:
While making a live recording, for some reason momentarely Windows failed. After restarting Audacity and loading the file, I got this message:
“Error: not well formated (invalid token) line 15367”
As a result, the file can not be open. Is there a way to recover it? It is not a problem with the program as I reinstalled it and again got the same message.
Thanks in advance so much for your kind reply and help.

You mean Windows crashed?
Any idea why it crashed?

It may be possible to salvage some of the project but it’s unlikely to be possible to recover all of the project.

Had you saved the project at any stage before the crash occurred?
Was it a multi-track project?
Had you done any editing in that project?

How important is this recording?