Daily version Audacity from PPA

I use this ppa for install/update my audacity:
I like use this because I like work and test.

Every day or 2 days, have a new version in this ppa, but since August not install, appears Failed to Build (this info is in the ppa website).

We need made some change?

Thanks and regards!!

Although that PPA says “Audacity Team”, it is nothing to do with us. The maintainers of that PPA clearly have a problem with their build system, Contact details for the maintainers can be found here: https://launchpad.net/~audacity-team

Ops, this PPA it is nothing to do with yours?
I use this ppa since a some months or years ago because I think that, are of “Audacity Team” (dailys versions…) but if it is notghing with yours…I think in deleted…
Ok, thanks for the clarification, also the issue with maintainers of the ppa.