Cyclical variation in volume of recorded music [SOLVED]

OS: Windows 10 Home Edition
Processor: Intel i5, 2.60 GHz
System: 64 bit, HP Envy Laptop

v 2.1.0
.EXE installer

Problem: Variation in amplitude of recorded audio after saving as “.wav”.

Description: I use audacity solely to capture 33 1/3 RPM vinyl recordings and save them in .wav format. Audio path is turntable via a stand-alone pre-amp then through a Behringer UF0202 interface to the laptop’s USB input.

Audacity settings:
Audio host: MME
Recording device: Microphone (USB audio codex)
Recording channels: 2 (Stereo)
Playback device: Speakers / HP (IDT high definition)
File save settings: Export Multiple, WAV format

After saving the file(s) in WAV format I play the file using either the Windows media player or iTunes. Using either player the recording exhibits a variation in volume during its entire play time. That is, there is a cyclical slight decrease then slight increase in volume while the recording is playing. The variation occurs in 2 to 5 second cycles. The variation is NOT present in the audio as monitored via headphones attached to the Behringer UF0202 during recording, nor is it present when the vinyl is played via the analog pre-amp, amp and speakers. Thus I feel certain that the problem does not lie in the turntable, pre-amp or in the Behringer UF0202.
I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who can tell me how to eliminate this problem as the constantly recurring volume increases and decreases make the wav files unlistenable.

Thank you,

the problem does not lie in the turntable, pre-amp or in the Behringer UF0202.

I believe you. Now let’s go further. After you capture a song but before you export it, play it in Audacity and search for the variation. I’m betting it has a problem there. You may be able to see it in the sizes of the blue waves wandering up and down.

Windows has tools to automatically adjust voices for clear conferencing and communications. They hate music.

See if there’s anything in here.



Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The link you provided enabled me to finally locate and disable the “enhancements” so well hidden my MS. Recordings are now A-OK.

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