Cutting very short blank audio - bugged?


I’m using Audacity version 2.1.0

I have this file which contains a very short period of blank audio at the start of the file and I wish to remove this. When I cut the audio, or trim the file and export it, everything seems to be fine but when I reopen the file in Audacity or every other player/editor, the blank space is back. I tried using another filename, storing it at another location and even deleting the temp files but the results are the same.

Why isn’t the blank space removed in the saved file? Am I missing something or is this bugged?

Does anyone else have the same? This is the file: (be sure to close and re-open Audacity after you saved/exported).

Is it really short and is it an MP3? MP3 files don’t have predictable start and stop times. That’s one reason we tell people never do production in MP3.

I bet if you export the corrected file as WAV the patch would stick.


Hello Koz,

Thank you for response.
The file is about 8 seconds long and indeed is a .mp3 file (it’s linked in my start post). I’m familiar with the unpredictable start and stop times but this file visually shows a blank space at start, which is (visually) gone when you cut or trim it. The strang thing is: once you save/export the file, close it and re-open it in Audacity (or any other editor/player) the blank space is (visually) back.

See 2. Why does LAME add silence to the beginning each song?.

In other words, don’t use MP3 if you object to the starting silence.

If you insist on MP3, you could try


Ah ok. Yeah that explains it. Thanks :wink: