Cutting the same amount of several tracks [SOLVED]

Hi everyone,

I am currently mixing my songs. Everything is neraly perfect, I just have one issue.

At the beginning of my main backing guitar track, there is the sound of me picking my guitar and taping the beat. I would like to remove that.

But if I just cut there will be to much silence at the beginnig of my mp3 file. Se here is my question :

  • How can I cut the exact same amount of all my tracks in one move (one action) and slide the bulk of track left so that there is no silence at the beggining of my mp3 ?

The goal is to keep the perfect synchronisation of the tracks that I achieved :smiley:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Have you tried selecting the noise at the start of the guitar track, CTRL + SHIFT + K to select in all tracks, then Delete? That keeps synchronisation if you had it before.


It works great !! thanks a lot :slight_smile: