Cutting sections

I cannot for some reason cut/delete portions of an audio! Must be something simple/obvious I’m missing! Thanks

I suspect that you may be in Pause mode - Press the Stop button and try again.

This problem goes away in the upcoming 2.1.3 release :wink:


When I press stop, the vertical line that moves across the screen jumps back to the beginning.

Yes it’s supposed to do that

To leave it where it is wnen you stop use the shortcut Shift+A

(In the upcoming 2.1.3 release this shorcut is replaced by the much easier to use X


So now I stopped the line in the place I want to trim using shift-A, but now the little ‘hand’ that pushes the area dark before cutting has disappeared!! And how do i get rid of the vertical line if I shift-A’ed in the wrong spot? Thanks so much for your help.

Have a look at this page in the manual.

The little hand is for extending or contracting a selection. If you want to delete a section of audio, the best method is usually to use the Selection Tool to select a region, preview the region by playing it, adjust the region, then finally delete it when you have the exact selection you want to delete.

– Bill

Got it! Thanks so much Bill. I Somehow in my readings I missed the selection tool and the shift-A.