cutting off high volume part

I want to edit a sound file by putting a limit on the voulme and cutting off any higher volume while making no change in the lower (higher and lower are expressions are comparing to the limit ofcours).
I’ll be very greatfull for an answer.
thanks all

small slope (high compression) compressor aka limiter does that

can do some of what you want
but at 10:1 ratio it only starts limiting at -6dB

this compressor does not give full control over what I would want to do and will be harder (but maybe not impossible) for you to use.

hard limiter
might work better - have not used that one

might want to find a commercial compressor plug in
but you could try repeating the built in compressor effect
together with amplify so you can set the amount you want to limit at the point where it will start doing it. if you can do it twice you get 100:1

Next time you might post in a part of the forum appropriate to your version of Audacity and your computer. This is the forum where we talk about the color of the forum fonts. Do you like the blue?

What do you expect this show to sound like when you’re done?

Whomper is describing a more or less graceful way to do what you said, but you are basically describing clipping. Volume increases to a fixed point and then just doesn’t increase any more.
Picture 2.png
Note all the waves in the middle line up and never go over a certain point. All the waves below that aren’t affected. That sounds awful. Sounds become crunchy, crackly, popping, and harsh.

Tell us what you’re really trying to do.


Probably the easiest way to do that is using the “Nyquist Prompt” effect.
Select the audio that you want to “clip” and select the “Nyquist Prompt” from the Effects menu.
Enter the following into the text box;

(clip s 0.6)

This will limit the waveform to within the range +/- 0.6 on the vertical scale.

As Koz said, it will probably sound horrible.

First I would like to thank u for your answers.
English is not my mother tongue so excuse me for misunderstanding
As Kozikowski asked me I’ll try to explain my goal.
I recorded a very important conversation during a drive and now when I want to transcripthear it, I hear very loud distrubing noises of the rough road instead, the sound of the rough road is much high volumed than the voulume of the conversation itself and its waves r bigger as well.
therefore i thught of a solution exactly as the answer of Stevethefiddle and now I find out it doesn’t helps as I thought it will.
Does anybody knows about any way I can hear the conversation with less interruption of the road noise?

That is very difficult. If you only want to understand the words, you might be able to use the Noise Removal Tool in Audacity 1.3.11. Noise Removal Tool in Audacity 1.2 will not work.

You can install both Audacity 1.2 and 1.3 on your computer. You can only use one at a time. Audacity 1.3 Projects will not open in Audacity 1.2.

The tool works in two steps. Step one is Profile. Select a small part of the show that has road noise by itself – no talking. That teaches the program what the evil sound is. Step two apply the tool to a large portion of the show with voice as a test. You can apply the tool to the whole show later when you adjust it correctly.

The tool tries to subtract the evil sound from the show. Start with Attack/Decay Zero, Smoothing 300, and Reduction 12dB. The show will still sound terrible, but the voices may be louder.

This only works if the driving noise is constant like on a very long road. If there is a lot of stopping and starting, the tool will not work very well.