Cutting off decibel above certain level


I tried to find a solution to my problem for 2 hours now. I’m sure it is easy to solce but I’m not experienced with sound editing and perhaps I don’t know the correct terms to find it.

My problem:

I have a recorded a interview where the voice of the interviewed person is very silent and the “background noise” is much louder. I thought that I could cut off the noise above x-decibel and afterwards increase the volume of the whole audiofile. I do not need great and clear audio quality, I just need to be able to transcribe the interview.

Your help is very much appreaciated.

Thank you


I don’t know the correct terms to find it.

Or perhaps it doesn’t exist.
Post a short segment of the interview so we can hear the problem.


Basically, I need to cut out everthing that is in the dark grey area.
Screenshot 2015-04-28 17.46.06.png

Don’t double post. Your submissions will be moderated by a forum elf until we’re sure you’re not going to try and sell us something.

Actually we need to listen to it. Post an actual sound file.

Don’t fall in love with the idea of a simple rescue. The weak voice is distributed evenly in all parts of the taller blue waves. All cutting the tall waves off is going to do is produce award-winning distortion through which you won’t be able to hear anything.

Try Effect > Hard Limiter.