Cutting Important segments from Many tracks

I Want to Cut important segments from many tracks and make that track ONE at the end

I Tried copy pasting but that doesnt works

What i did was
Import first song
i use selection tool to select the semgent from the track which i need
I click on Copy
i click Add new Stereo Track
I clicked split stereo track into mono and delete one track from Stereo and make it mono

I Pasted Copied segment in the mono track which i created

My Question :slight_smile: I Cant Paste another segment in the same mono track which I Created,Why? I Have To Create new another mono track for each new segment i have to paste . is there any solution for it? :blush:

I’m sure there is, and no doubt much simpler than you have been trying :wink:
but first, I’m not totally clear what the aim is:

Do you mean that you want to select parts from multiple audio files, and combine them so that they play one after another in one new audio file?

Do you mean that you want to select parts from multiple audio files, and combine them so that they play one after another in one new audio file?

Yes sir you understood it right :mrgreen:

For example If i have to explain Technically i will explain like this
there are three tracks

Song :1 Smack That - Akon - 5:05 minutes
Song :2 I am Feeling Lonely - Akon - 4:07 minutes
Song :3 Gasolina - 6:03 minutes
Track :4 New Created Empty Track

Then I may need to cut segments from Song :1
2:05 to 2:15, 3:20 to 3:35 ,4:40 to 4:46
Cut segments from Song :2
1:02 to 1:15, 4:00 to 4:07 ,2:40 to 2:49
Cut segments from Song :3
3:05 to 3:50

Concatenate ( Add) Song 1: + Song 2 + Song 3 into Track 4
Track 4 = Song 1:(2:05 to 2:15, 3:20 to 3:35 ,4:40 to 4:46 ) + Song 2:(1:02 to 1:15, 4:00 to 4:07 ,2:40 to 2:49) + Song :3 (3:05 to 3:50)

I Think I get my point clearly :smiley:

There are several different ways to do this. This is one way that works.

Import all the songs into Audacity. They will appear one above the other.
If necessary you can drag them up/down (click on the info panel on the left of the track, taking care not to click on the controls, and drag while holding down the mouse button).

Use the Mute and/or Solo buttons to hear one track at a time. See the bottom of this page for different ways that the Solo button can be configured The “Simple” behaviour will probably be most useful in this case.

Select a part of one track that you want to keep. Press Ctrl+D to duplicate it to a new track.
Repeat for each part that you want to keep.

When you have all the parts from one track that you want, delete the original track (click the [X] in the top left corner).

Repeat for each imported file.

Ensure that the tracks are in the order that you want (top to bottom).
(The next version of Audacity will have “move track to top” and “move to bottom” commands, which will make this step more convenient. In the mean time, make use of the track “collapse/expand” commands to maximize your work space. )

Ensure that the first track starts at time = 0.
Select all (Ctrl+A)
“Tracks menu > Align Tracks > Align End to End”
Export your finished masterpiece :wink: The tracks are mixed together into a single continuous file.

Optional steps - you may want to adjust the positions using the Time Shift tool so that they overlap a little, then use the Fade In/Out effects to create cross-fades between the tracks.