cutting audio using a concurrent control track

Hey all, new here (but not to Audacity), wondering if anyone can help me with cutting audio based on a control track.

Specifically, I’m recording audio during a game, and using one of the channels of the resulting .wav file to indicate the game state. This would work great, except I made a major mistake: when the game is paused, the game state holds steady (sample and hold, if you will).

I now need to analyze the audio, but not the times when the game is paused.

I need an analysis tool that will let me select the time frame where the sample does not change. Trying to do this by hand is not working well. :frowning:

Essentially, the control track is just a stream of decreasing numbers (every ~800 samples or so)…I just need to get the time starting from the cursor until the sample value decreases again.

I’m worried I’m going to have to write a pd patch to do it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Any help would be most appreciated!

All the best,

Hmm…if there was a way to see the current sample value as a number, that would make it really easy to do by hand…

Any way to do that? :slight_smile: