Cutting audio out of multiple files simultaneously


I’m so glad I found this board. I can’t find an answer online anywhere.

For work, I am currently editing out the intro and outro of a podcast that we have. There are hundreds, if not thousands of episodes that I need to edit the intro and outro out of. I’ve been doing them individually, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to take the first ten seconds/last 20 seconds out of all episodes at once.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Alex :mrgreen:

Yes, you should be able to develop a Macro:

The Macro commands that you will need are

  1. Select: for this you can set the parameter for the required length and whether it is relative to start or end

  2. Delete

You will obviously need to add two sets of Select/Delete for the start and the end

  1. and Export (in whatever format you need)

    You will need to have all the audio files to be processed in a single folder. The edited output files will be placed in a new folder called “cleaned” in that location with the outpit files having the same name is the input files.

And as it says in the Manual: "It is recommended not to process more than 500 files at a time. "


Oh and you may want to add Fades to the start and end

I see there is a single Macro Command called “Fade Ends” (with no parameters) of which the Manual says:
“Fadees in the first second and fades out the last second of a track”

and I’m just off to fix that typo …

Using this should avid clicks at the start and end

I would strongly suggest that you experiment with your Macro on test audio first :wink:

Update: I see now that the “Fade Ends” is itself a Macro - one that comes supplied with Audacity - it will give you a good example of how to make your start and end selections.