Cutting audio from one MP3 and placing it in another

Hi, all. Using 2.03 on Windows 7 64-bit.

I’ve been trying to cut a few seconds of audio at the beginning of one song and placing it at the end of another. I’ve had no problems with this. I selected the desired portion from one song, cut it, then pasted it on to the end of the other song.

The issue (at least I think it’s an issue) I’m having is that at the point where the two tracks “meet,” there is always a noticeable skip/hitch. Is there another method of accomplishing what I’m trying to do without resulting in the skip/hitch, or maybe a way to remove it?

While it’s natural to think you have to cut and paste into one single track, that may not be the best way in your case.

Open one song and then import the second one. The second song will appear under the first and play at the same time. Use the Time Shift Tool (sideways black arrows) to push one later than the other and then the envelope tool (white arrows and bent blue line) to change the volume of the second track (or both) so they match.

Over the obvious ability to match timing perfectly, you have the ability to apply filters and effects to either track independent of the other.