cutting and removing sections, etc

Hi all

Very new to this, so if I’m asking something really stupid please forgive me!

I have audio clips of about 15 hours a pop. There are sections where there is no noise / talking which I would like to cut out
I have tried selecting with the cursor, selecting between 2 arrow points, edit and then remove, or the ‘cut’ icon etc but nothing seems to work
please help?

I have noticed that some options on the menu bar and pull down menu remain hidden ( ie unclickable even if I have selected / highlighted a section on the sound bar) so I am not sure what I am doing wrong.
the bar to change the speed it is playing can be shifted left and right but doesnt have an effect on teh speed the sound clip is being played

so, somewhere I am doing something wrong. Please does someone have some time and patience to help me work through this?

Thanks for your time, and sunny wishes from Holland!

Ensure that playback is “Stopped”. Most functions are disabled when in Record, Playback or Pause.

Also be aware that if your recording has a sample rate of 44100 Hz or higher, 15 hours is too long to save successfully as an Audacity project. Ensure that you Export your work as an ordinary audio file before you close Audacity.
Also note that WAV format files cannot be larger than 4 GB.

Thank you for the quick reply Steve, greatly appreciated

you are right, when I stop the play function I am able to select and erase certain pieces.
by using the cut I can take out empty spaces thus making it smaller / more compact so that should also be ok?

It does seem a bit sensitive, (probably doing something wrong) it keeps on going back to the beginning, how do I keep the cursor at the point where play mode stopped or must I jsut watch the track before I stop?

I have another question, originally I used the program VLC media player. In this program is a ‘step forward’ and ‘step backward’ button, allowing to forward about 10 seconds at a time
I have searched the forum using fast forward and step forward but cant find anything that would indicate this is a possibility
So if I am correct ‘all’ I can use is the option of the speed at which the soundtrack is played, or using the cursor button move the seconds a bit faster manually?

Thanks again, happy Sunday!


“Play/Stop and Set Cursor” - short cut: Shift+A
Various other useful shortcuts here:

and other useful play functions: