Cutting and pasting an edit then applying the settings to it

Sorry if my title was not specific enough. I am a complete noob at this and I have read many tutorials and used Youtube but sometimes it is easier asking about specific things. I am doing a voice-over and I messed one of the words up. I re-recorded me saying the word and aligned it perfectly with the original track. I pasted it in. Problem is, the original track already has edits to normalization, equalization, noise reduction, etc. Big mistake on my part. Now that I have the raw recording in there, is there a way to apply the rest of the track’s numerous settings to this one snippet?

It’s not “Push A Button,” no.

Select the word and apply the corrections. You will have to fudge Normalize unless you used a specific boost value. Most people don’t, so you will be doing that one by ear.

Equalize, and Noise Reduction retain the Last Known Settings, so if you remember which tools you used, these aren’t deadly.

It’s generally a good idea to record the whole phrase or sentence. You have the worst possible problem.


It’s strongly recommended to make safety WAV copies of the “wrong” track and the raw correction—before you inserted it. If the computer or Audacity does something funny during editing, you could destroy that part of the show.