Cut Preview misbehaves with mute tracks

Is “Cut Preview” (C key by default) supposed to play only the selected track(s) or play the project?

What I see in Windows 7, 2.0.3:

I have two tracks, one in waveform DB view, another is a muted duplicate in Spectrogram view, and they are synch locked. I’m using the workaround to get the effect of multiple simultaneous views. Deleting a part of either deletes corresponding parts of both.

If I select in the mute spectrogram view, and hit C, the view pans and I hear nothing. Also, the “play” button in the Transport bar remains depressed. I must hit stop before I can change view or do other editing.

It plays the selected track, but if multiple tracks are selected it only plays the uppermost of those: .


This is alluded to in the first comment in the above bug. For multiple tracks it seems you can mute cut preview if no more than one track of the tracks other than the first is selected, and if you mute that selected track. :confused: But selecting and muting the first track always mutes cut preview even if other tracks are selected.

Arguably Cut Preview should just play the mix as determined by the Mute / Solo buttons. Standard playback is not dependent on selected tracks.

It had not been noticed before that muted cut preview does not stop after preview. This seems to be a general problem with the “special” playback commands “C”, “B” and “1”.


By the way, I did post other opinions about how Cut Preview could be made more convenient, but it seems it’s not popular. I’d like the command to make no net view change when it is done.