Cut out first half of recording

Windows 10, v2.1.2

Just recorded something 1:38:34 in length. During the recording process I could see the waveforms in the program so I know it was recording. When it was done, it cut out everything prior to 48:47, almost exactly halfway through. Obviously with over 48 minutes of audio, I’d like to find a way to recover this if possible. Computer is still on, program is still open. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Seems very weird it would cut out everything before the halfway mark, and then record everything after.

From the files, the any d0x files before d04 are gone. It goes to d08.

Do you have Audacity set to automatically flip to new screens as the recording progresses? I like doing that because it keeps me watching the blue wave build and the bouncing sound meters as the recording progresses.

Edit > Preferences > Tracks: [X] Update…

How did you know it cut off everything before 48 min? Detail steps. Don’t assume we have the same setup you do.


How much disk space does Audacity say you have at Edit > Preferences… then “Directories”?

Did you save an Audacity project just before the first half vanished? If so the earlier d folders might be somewhere else on the computer, if a very rare Audacity bug has kicked in. Have you searched for those folders?