Cut off the empty part in mp3

How can I cut off the last empty part in the mp3. Like this, the first 3 minutes is a song, but the last around 1 minutes is empty.
1.) Audacity version: 1.2.3
2.) OS: XP Pro SP3

Many thanks!

Import it into Audacity thenSelect it by clicking an dragging with your cursor and then press the Delete key (or CTRL+K) and the Export it again as an MP3 (just be aware that doing MP3 encoding on a recording that has already been encoded with MP3 will degrade the quality of the signal still further).

Next time please help us by posting in the section relevant to your operating system and version of Audacity. This section is really for folks who don’t like the colours in tyhe forum or the smilies etc. :slight_smile: