[CUT MP3] Help with cutting MP3 (file attached)

Hi folks,

I’m banging my head hard on the walls, here is what I want : I have a MP3 file which is ~5.4s long. I want to cut it so it lasts 5.360s EXACTLY. When I do that in Audacity and try to export it as MP3, the size goes back to 5.4s.

I’m attaching the MP3, can some of you have a look to it ?
THanks a million

One of the limitations of the MP3 format is that the length is inexact. MP3s always have a bit of extra silence at the ends, so even if you trim it off in Audacity, if you export in MP3 format a bit of silence is added back on.
The only way round the problem is to use a different file format such as WAV, FLAC or Ogg.