"Cut" icon gone in 3.2?

Sorry, I can’t find any reference online or in the manual/FAQ/notes etc. regarding the Cut icon being removed from Audacity 3.2. Is my only option for cutting now the Edit menu’s Cut, or can I add the Cut icon back into the interface?

thanks in advance.

I’ve just seen a link to this on the Audacity developer’s channel: https://support.audacityteam.org/troubleshooting/missing-features

thanks for this info, steve.

too bad - single click action replaced with multiple actions now required. wish the Tools Toolbar was user configurable.

This seems like an odd choice – making it more difficult for the user rather than easier. Is there a rationale for the decision somewhere. I haven’t scene one. But with as much editing as I do, this is definitely a downgrade, not an upgrade.

I believe it’s to do with making a “cleaner” GUI.
Changes in line with this mission include:

  • Putting the Device Toolbar settings behind a “Audio Setup” button.
  • Shrinking the default size of the meters
  • Overlaying the input / output sliders on top of the meters
  • Removing the “Zoom Tool” and “Time Shift Tool” from the Tools Toolbar
  • Removing the “Cut” tool from the Edit Toolbar (the subject of this forum topic).

Good news …

you may see these buttons coming back in a brand new toolbar which will be hidden by default but easily made visible through the View>Toolbars menu.

I manged to persuade Martin Keary (aka Tantacrul) from Muse that this was an important requirement for some folk - so he reopened the Enhancement Request for this that I posted
Restore the Cut, Copy and Paste buttons as a new (hidden by default) toolbar #3693

This is unlikely to be in any of the upcoming 3.2.x maintenance releases, but could well be on the cards for 3.3