cut copy paste selected audio not working

Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Desktop os
Audacity 3.5 distribution release

Highlight a section of audio then either edit>cut or ctrl + x cuts out the section of audio.
close the project the edit>paste does not paste in the previously copied audio.
This worked fine in previous releases.

That doesn’t work in Audacity 3.0.2

It does work in Audacity 2.3.3, so long as you don’t actually quit Audacity.

Audacity 2.x can do this because the data used by the clipboard is retained on disk after closing the project, and can then be accessed by another project.
Audacity 3.x can’t do this because .AUP3 projects are database files, and they have to be closed when the project is closed. When the project is closed, its data is not accessible. Audacity 3.x projects are self contained in one file, so their data cannot be shared unless they are open.

but why close a project while it is still in use?
The easy workaround is to keep the project open while you want to use its data.