Cut / Copy / Paste For Lefties

Note: I’m not sure if these functions can be activated via [preferences], but I didn’t see any mention of them, either there or by searching the Audacity “Adding Features” forum. If I’ve overlooked this ability, please advise how to enable.

Currently the options for copy/paste are the typical Windows ctrl-C / ctrl-X / ctrl-V commands.

For us lefties, please consider also allowing the use of the additional Windows shortcuts which allow control of the mouse with the left hand while using the right hand for copy/paste:

  • ctrl-Insert for COPY (as with ctrl-C)

  • shift-Insert for PASTE (as with ctrl-V)

  • shift-Delete for CUT (as with ctrl-X).

  • ctrl-Delete deletes a single word from the left of a line with each keypress. I’m not sure if this is relevant.


See here for how to customize Audacity’s keyboard shortcuts: