Cut and delete in updated Audacity

Using W10, my Audacity has recently upgraded to the new version, and I’ve hit a major problem with how I usually work.
If I have a stereo track open with, say, a piece of music, and I wish to add another piece of music that overlaps the previous, I would add a new stereo track and paste the music in on the second track at what I would consider to be the correct place. If the join isn’t exactly where I wanted it to be, I would “generate silence” of the correct length to push the second track down a little, or use the “start and end of selection” boxes on the second track to cut out a section so that it would pull the second track forwards.
Now, with the upgrade, I do that and the second track doesn’t move at all.
I suspect that there’s a new command, something like “move”, that has been created for just this purpose, but can I find out what it is?
Can anyone help, please? I’d be very grateful

By default, Audacity 3.1.0 disables “Editing a clip can move other clips”, whereas it was previously enabled by default.

It can be enabled in Preferences. See:

That’s Great!
Thanks very much!