Custom Ringtone

I’m trying to make a ringtone for my LG-A340 which uses MP3 format. The phone uses windows as it Operating system. The phone required a micro SD card for a custom this and I have installed it. Now the phone is telling me to format the card. Do I format it for Windows or for MAC since I’m running MAC 10.6.8. I believe I have the ringtone already done and need to get to the phone.
Thanks for any help.

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For support with your LG phone, please either consult your user manual or contact LG support.

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I really appreciate your reply and the time it took you to reply. I thought since the audacity directions talked in a whole section about how to do custom ringtones that you might help me getting it to my phone. There is much in the forum about how to get music to Iphones, Itunes, I thought you would help. I’m so sorry to have been a bother.

Keith Ryan

I can see how you might think that, Keith, but if the 'phone is telling you to format the card, Steve is right that you should ask the 'phone manufacturer what to do, rather than us possibly giving you misleading information.

We can’t answer specifics for the thousands of different 'phones there are.