Custom ffmpeg Export

I have a problem with a file that I have incorrectly saved as Custom ffmpeg Export, I have Windows XP 5.1, Audacity 2.0.4, obtained the .exe installer and downloaded Lame 3.99.3 for Libraries, however when I tried to export it as mp3 (having imported the file as Raw) I cannot; how could I covert it to either mp3 or flac? Unfortunately the original file has been deleted by accident so I cannot play it and obviously when I attempt to play the imported Raw file it is compressed and just lasts 2 seconds.

saved as Custom ffmpeg Export

Custom FFMpeg Export as what?

Yes, listening to the file go by at high speed means you opened a file that Audacity does not know how to play, so it plays the file as if it were not compressed. The difference between the speed of playback and the expected speed is the compression value. Twice as fast is 2:0 (mild) compression.


As a matter of fact the file lasted 9 minutes, so it has been compressed way more than 2:0; anyway is there a way to de- compress it?l