Custom extension for exported labels

Nowadays, labels are been exported with the extension txt, while the internal format would be tab separated values, which it can be easily imported into a spreadsheet for faster editing. However this requires changing the extension before.
It would easier to have either, a different extension (CSV, although it is not comma separated, I know) or a compounded extension (like .labels.txt)

  1. Most good spreadsheet apps support space separated variables in .txt files.
  2. “.labels.txt” is not a valid file extension (only one dot is allowed in a file extension)
  3. “.txt” is the correct extension for a plain text file.
  4. If you have an application that requires “.csv”, it is trivial for you to modify the files.
  5. Audacity does not use tab separated values internally, it uses XML (example below)
	<labeltrack name="Label Track" isSelected="0" height="73" minimized="0" numlabels="10">
		<label t="0.0000000000" t1="0.0000000000" title="01Label"/>
		<label t="0.7314285714" t1="0.7314285714" title="02Label"/>
		<label t="1.4628571429" t1="1.4628571429" title="03Label"/>
		<label t="2.1942857143" t1="2.1942857143" title="04Label"/>
		<label t="2.9257142857" t1="2.9257142857" title="05Label"/>
		<label t="3.6571428571" t1="3.6571428571" title="06Label"/>
		<label t="4.3885714286" t1="4.3885714286" title="07Label"/>
		<label t="5.1200000000" t1="5.1200000000" title="08Label"/>
		<label t="5.8514285714" t1="5.8514285714" title="09Label"/>
		<label t="6.5828571429" t1="6.5828571429" title="10Label"/>