Custom colors in spectral view

Would be handy to have way to customise the colors in the spectral view.
The default colors are pretty bad on the eyes for extended periods of editing.

Did you mean spectrogram?

There is grayscale option. However, it is of low contrast.

I’ve added your ‘vote’ for this feature.
This does not mean that the feature will be added any time soon as development is dependent on someone with the necessary interest and skills volunteering to develop it, but ‘votes’ help to give an indication of what features users are interested in.

Please add my vote for custom colors.
For what it’s worth.


A sneak preview from the upcoming 2.2.0 release

But note that you have to be fairly highly-skilled to play with the custom theming :ugeek:

No dates yet on when 2.2.0 will be released - but hopefully not too far off now.

Meanwhile you can always experiment with the nightly alphas:


I would like to add different colors on the Waveform not just Blue

Yes we know that because you also wrote that here
You only need to say things once as we are a small team and we read all of the posts.

Dear Audacity team - thank you. I use Audacity frequently and in the last year learned new things about sound editing.

I am also +1 for dark theme for spectral view - more safe for eyes. Thank you!

Screenshot from

Vote added.