Cursor seems to be broken

I have not used Audacity for a couple months, but I upgraded recently.

Could the cursor be failing? After I click at a position on a track, the cursor immediately switches to some strange icon that looks like a “rewind” or “go to end” symbol. Sort of a vertical line and an arrow or sideways triangle. The pointy finger is completely gone, and I can find no reference in the index to “cursor” or “pointer”.

I am uncertain how I got Audacity into this strange state, and can’t seem to get it back to its normal behavior.

Might anyone be able to guide me?

Thank you.

David Grove

P.S. The forum also seems to be majorly different. I am uncertain whether I am posting correctly. The structure and categories are completely different. I can’t find where to post for my proper version and O/S. If this post is incorrect, I apologize.

Could it be that the cursor isn’t broken in some way, but the Audacity has just changed the icon from the pointing finger to the new “vertical bar with left or right pointing triangle”?


Indeed, the finger has been replaced by a |< symbol. Fun fact: It already was that on Linux anyway.

And anyway the old finger-pointing gloved-hand looked hopelessly old-fashioned …