cursor not performing! [SOLVED]


I am having a challenge with my Audacity all of a sudden. I have been using the program for years (but do not profess to be a fundi at all!) - and I have never had this before - and can’t work it out! I have a Macbook air OS X 10.9.5

When I press the red recording button - the indicator line that travels across the screen, now goes slightly before my recording and it is red - the top of it is a different shape - it is a triangle. This I can live with, but the big problem is when I try and edit (cut) pieces out of the recording the little cursor has become very clumsy - and will not cut a very fine line out of the recording - it only wants to take chunks (from the time indicators at the top) and will not let me decide what needs to be cut! - and even then it is reluctant!!! Has any one got any ideas for me - as I use the program a lot - so hope I can sort it out! Many thanks Anthea :unamused:

Check that you do not have “Snap To” enabled (see:

thanks SO much! that has sorted out the problem! bless you Steve! :smiley: