cursor movement on playback.

I just got a new mac (huzzah!) and had to download a new version of Audacity, the very-old version I had ( was indeed obsolete.

So, I’m on macOS 11.5.1 and on Audacity 3.0.4.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to change the way the cursor moves on playback. In the old version the cursor would ‘sweep’ along as it played back, but in this new version it ‘chugs’ as if moving in half-second increments, or from point to point along a grid.

The way it moves now seems way worse, to me, especially given I’m often zoomed in close, removing specific sounds from conversational recordings.

Is there any way to change the mode of playback? I looked in preferences and tried searching online, but nothing seemed like the right answer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Right-click on the Audacity icon and select Get Info. In the Get Info window, check “Open in Low Resolution”. See if that helps.

– Bill

thanks for that tip, Bill. it definitely helped. still not ideal, but an easy workaround for the time being.

i’m guessing that means there’s no option for cursor movement specifically?

That’s correct.

– Bill