cursor movement off screen???

I use Audacity to paste instrumentals in the beginnings and ends of songs to make it easier to mix songs together.

In one of the older versions of Audacity, I was able to keep the cursor off screen, zoom in to an area of the song where I could easily line up the wave forms of the original track and the instrumental track, and paste or delete silence to line up the two tracks on beat.

In the current version of Audacity, whenever I move the cursor off screen, the window moves over to show the cursor. Any way to turn this off in the preferences pane or anything?


Yes, that makes me crazy, too.

Audacity > Preferences > Tracks > [ ] Update Display while Playing (deselect).

That’s in Audacity 1.3.14. Let’s see if it carried.

Thanks for the suggestion, but that didn’t work. If I have the cursor off screen and then move it, the window automatically moves to the cursor location.

Any other suggestions?

I’m not sure what you’re doing, but there is no need to paste silence to move audio along the track, all you need to do is drag the audio with the Time Shift tool (double headed arrow button or F2 key). Audio tracks may be split into multiple “audio clips” by using the “Split” function (“Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split” or Command+I)

Wow, I feel really dumb. Should have been using that tool since day one! Thank you!!! :laughing: