Cursor error in flatpak version

Hi, for some reason, there is this stranger error in the audacity cursor the flatpak version. I also have the snap version and it’s works fine.

I’m using KDE Neon 5.19; Flatpak 1.6.2; Audacity 2.4.2

I tried many themes gtk themes and the error still in all of them.

We don’t make the flatpak build. You should report the error to the site where you got the flatpak from.

I see. The “Issues” link bring me here for some reason. But I will search for the publisher.

Many thanks.

That will be because we provide the source code. However, in this case you know the problem is specific to the flatpak version, so it must be a packaging / build issue.


I think you are seeing this Issue. There is a runtime workaround discussed in the comments.


Yes, indeed. Many thanks. Greetings.