Cursor doesn't obey me

I’m a radio reporter and I’m trying to use Audacity on a Macbook Air but I find that the cursor in an editing window doesn’t land where I click - sometimes a short distance away. This makes the thing unusable and since I badly want Audacity to work - and work for me - that is sad. Am I doing anything wrong? Steve Evans.

Only inside the timeline window – you’re trying to edit the blue waves, or if you click on Effects or Generate, you get the wrong one of those, too? Version 2.0.0 or 2.0.1?

It starts behaving the instant the cursor leaves the Audacity edit window?


Hello Koz. Thanks for your time and interest. It’s within the time-line (the window in which the blue waveform is). I’m just trying to tidy up a clip (take out overlaps) but the cursor will not land where I click it even when I magnify massively. And this doesn’t happen on any other use I make on the computer. It is 2.0.1.

Have you inadvertently turned “Snap to” on (bottom left). Untick it if you have.

Hello PGA. Spot on. Thank you very much indeed. It works a treat. And thank you, too, Koz. I really want Audacity to work. I’ve used Cool Edit for years and then Adobe, but it’s too complex and over-specified for simple radio reporters now - and too expensive. Steve Evans.