Cursor at center, display scrolls

It was the opposite before. Did I mistakenly change something?

Pinned Display Head.


That could be a good feature to use sometimes. Thanx.

We’ve just changed the way it will work in 2.4.0 - I just updated the 2.4.0 alpha Manual today:

The mechanism for toggling the Play and Record head from its default unpinned position to a pinned position on the Timeline has been changed. This was done to try to prevent users accidentally turning on pinned head and then not knowing how to revert to the default unpinned. When the head is pinned the head remains static and the waveforms will move as the audio is played or recorded.

Formerly a single click on the head icon at the left of the icon would toggle between the two modes. Now when you click on that icon a context menu is displayed:
From this menu you can choose to select or un-select Pinned Play Head.

The same context menu is available when you right-click in the Timeline - alternatively unpinned or pinned head can also be selected in Transport > Transport Options.


Good. But maybe that arrow button should change colors according to it’s toggle position? Like Green and blue? That would have caught my eye very soon. Red or orange might be even better colors. Green for default and orange for the other option.

It’s green for play and red for record.

I don’t understand. It’s a playback function and it is “pinned” or “unpinned.” That’s what I’ve understood so far. Did I miss something?