Currupt audio in VLC

WinXP / SP3 / Audacity 2.02 / Total recorder 5.2 / VLC 2.04 (latest 31/10 2012)
Audio sample: 44,1KHz, 32bit, Stereo

This should probably be in the X- files… More than likely this is a problem with VLC, so I’m writing this more so that people be observant to this issue.

  1. Recorded a song with Total recorder (TR). Played back fine in TR.
  2. Saved as WAV.
  3. Opened WAV in Audacity (AC). Playback fine.
  4. Exported as mp3. Playback in corrupted in VLC. Hissing and skipping.
  5. Playback of MP3 in Windows media player (WMP) fine.
  6. Reopened WAV and MP3 in AC. Both playbacks fine.
  7. Saved project file. Re-exported as MP3. Playback in VLC corrupted.
  8. WTF?!?
  9. Re-recorded song with TR. Playback in TR fine.
  10. Saved as MP3 via TR. Playback in VLC same as #6.
  11. Opened corrupted file in AC. Playback fine.
  12. Exported as MP3. Plaback in VLC corrupted.
  13. Playback in WMP fine.
  14. Send MP3 to Samsung Galaxy S2. Playback fine.
  15. Gave up.

Has anyone encountered this with VLC before? What causes it and how did you fix it?
Have a nice day.

Definitely looks like a VLC problem.

Probably best to try resetting the VLC preferences (see here).
If that does not fix it, try asking here:

Thanks Steve. You’re the man.

It seems it’s a problem with VLC v>1.1. They figured out it’s a bane of many people, and they have effectively lost compatibility with Win XP in these later versions. Below are some topics regarding this over at


Really sad to see this core error in VLC. I think a lot of us are long-time users.

Anyway, hope this little thread helps someone out.